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  • Name: SDRA-2C-4A Protection suit
  • NO.: SDRA-2C-4A
  • Time: 2019-06-14
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SDRA-2C-4A Protection suit

1. Effective protection against liquid infiltration, liquid chemical spraying (category 4 protection), particulate matter (category 5 protection) or liquid limited splashing (category 6 protection).

2. The new rolling materials are especially excellent in the performance of chemical spraying, infiltration and splashing.

3. It can be used together with other personal protective products to effectively improve safety.

4. Three-piece head cover design, better matching with overall head cover.

5. Reinforced armor design, enhance durability.

6. Woven cuff design, more comfortable to wear.

7. Antistatic, suitable for application in electronic and other fields requiring electrostatic control.

8. Rubber strip joint mode.

9. Suitable for biological infectious reagent protection.

10. Low fiber shedding.

11. Size: M, L, XL, XXL.

12. The storage period of protection suit is 3 years, depending on the storage conditions

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