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  • Name: SDPS-5D-1A Police tent
  • NO.: SDPS-5D-1A
  • Time: 2019-06-14
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SDPS-5D-1A Police tent

Police tent -24 square meters
Police tents meet the needs of public security organs in dealing with emergencies and participating in emergency operations such as office, command, meeting, storage and other work places.

1. Size: 3.85m×6.25m×2.9m×1.8m (length × width × top height × edge height) (±0.05m).

2.Material: cotton tent, airtight heat preservation, ventilation and insulation.It is made of dark blue polyester coated Oxford fabric, hollow fiber needled felt as insulation material, polyester flame retardant Oxford fabric as lining, and welded steel tube as frame.

3. Load-bearing capacity: the structure does not damage under the combined action of dead weight, wind speed of grade 8 (20.7m/s) and loose snow load of 60mm.

4. Rainproof performance requirements: the deployed state can withstand the rainfall intensity of 12mm/h.

5. Structure: double slope straight wall frame structure and self-plug connection structure are adopted to ensure sufficient bearing capacity and stability, and simplify the structure as much as possible to reduce dead weight and improve maneuverability.

6. Appearance marking requirements: color: POLICE blue, with the words "POLICE" and "POLICE" printed on the top and side of the tent.

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