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  • Name: QD-SD100 360° DC gas-filled lamp
  • NO.: QD-SD100
  • Time: 2019-06-06
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QD-SD100  360°DC gas-filled lamp

Scope of application: it is suitable for large area lighting needs of public security, fire control, army and other departments, such as night construction, maintenance rush repair, emergency, earthquake rescue, flood relief, accident treatment and so on

Technical Parameters:

Material: Shell: ABS engineering plastic injection molding, withstand pressure and fight back

Rated Voltage: 24V

Rated Capacity: 24Ah

Type of Battery: Lithium

Power of light: up one 70W, below one 30W

Lighting Mode: High, medium, low mode, and weak light

Lighting Time: The upper and lower lights work at the same time, high grade 4h, medium grade 4.5h, low grade 5h, weak light 6h;Upper light working, lower light off: 5h.  A variety of lighting adjustment modes for users to choose

Highlight flux: 7000Lm

Power of Fan: 60-80W (adjustable)

Illuminated zone: 360°

Operation: Manual open, 50 meters remote control

Charging time: 8h

Weight:: 10.5kg

Feature: Display displays electric quantity, working voltage, current, power, remaining working time, charging time

Storage Size: H 34*φ35 cm

Working Size: H 186*φ35 cm

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