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  • Name: FBG-G2-SD07 Spherical explosion-proof tank
  • NO.: FBG-G2-SD07
  • Time: 2019-06-05
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FBG-G2-SD07 Spherical explosion-proof tank

Main technical parameters:

Anti-knock nature:2kg


Basic size: inner diameter¢750mm,caliber¢530mm

Overall size: 1100*900*950mm

Total weight:670kg

Usage: ball explosion-proof tank (2kg) is cover of manual and auto switch. In the process of using, personnel can use the manipulator to grab the explosive dangerous goods into the foot wheel explosion-proof tank,then it is removed and disposed, if it occurs explosion in the tank, it will be not cause harm to the surrounding personnel and play a role in protecting the surrounding environment.


Spherical explosion-proof tank (2 kg) is installed four castors in the sphere of spherical tank below, which can move easily on a flat ground. By test proved, the shock wave and fragment produced by explosives are also cut off in the ball. It is especially suitable for public places such as airport, stations, a variety of venues.

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