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  • Name: FBF-B-SD10 Anti-riot suit (Quick wear)
  • NO.: FBF-B-SD10
  • Time: 2019-06-01
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FBF-B-SD10 Anti-riot suit (Quick wear)

Based on the combat training suit, protective armor plate is installed on the combat training suit in a pocket-type manner, and the pocket mouth is pasted by nylon adhesive buckle. The front and back protective layer can be changed into bulletproof chip according to needs.

Stab-proof chip or bulletproof stab-proof chip, with comfortable wearing, beautiful and generous, wearing quickly, light weight, basic clothes can be cleaned, etc.

Puncture resistance: 20J kinetic energy penetrates the tip of the shield without penetrating;

Energy absorption performance: impact the protective layer with 120J kinetic energy, cement indentation <20mm;

Flame retardant performance: afterburning time <10 seconds;

Temperature: -20℃~+55℃;

Weight: <5KG;

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