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  • Name: ZBB-SD25 Individual Carrying Equipment Bag
  • NO.: ZBB-SD25
  • Time: 2019-05-18
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ZBB-SD25  Individual Carrying Equipment Bag

Dimensions: height 790±10mm, width 390±5mm;

color: blue;

Capacity: ≥90 liters;

Weight: 2~3kg.

Material: 600D encrypted nylon fabric, with strong waterproof ability;

Buckles: UTX or similar buckles;

Zipper: YKK or similar zipper pull head;

The seal of the main compartment of the bag body adopts a double drawstring closing design;

The functional areas are reasonably divided, and can carry waterproof isolation mats, sleeping mats, 511 combat training boots, blankets, personal toiletries, water cups, self-heating lunch boxes and personal belongings, etc.;

The widened shoulder strap design can reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the backpack for a long time, and can be adjusted according to the height;

The back is ventilated and breathable, and the back is designed to protect the waist, with an ergonomic waist pad, which can effectively relieve waist strain during exercise.

Environmental adaptability: -30℃~+55℃.

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