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  • Name: ZBG-SD12 Police Equipment Cabinet
  • NO.: ZBG-SD12
  • Time: 2019-05-17
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ZBG-SD12  Police Equipment Cabinet

Outer diameter size: 860x600x2100mm;

Peripheral board thickness: 1mm;

Inner diameter board thickness: 1mm;

There are 2 layers of partitions on the top, the thickness of the plates is 1mm, and the partitions can be adjusted up and down.

Upper inner size: 280mm;

Lower inner size: 1100mm,

There are 2 partitions on the left and right sides, the thickness of the board is 1mm, and the partitions can be adjusted left and right;

The cabinet is equipped with coat hooks for easy hanging of coats and caps;

There are punching grooves on the cabinet door, one on the left and one on the left, which can be used for numbering or marking, label placement or pasting;

Double-door design, transparent glass, with colorful police badge and police equipment cabinet;

Aluminum alloy double door handle design, equipped with a mechanical lock on the upper and lower right sides;

The side, top, bottom and middle bars of the cabinet are in police blue, and the cabinet door is silver-white;

Mechanical locks are one on top and one on top.

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