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  • Name: SCP-SD05 Retractable temporary inspection warning screen
  • NO.: SCP-SD05
  • Time: 2019-05-17
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SCP-SD05  Retractable temporary inspection warning screen

Display size: 640*320mm (screen display); weight: 22 KG;

Power supply: 1) 12V maintenance-free lithium battery power supply;

  2) Battery capacity 60AH;  3) 220V charging power supply current: 10A/max;

Warning light parameters:1) Base color: red and blue;

  2) Light source form: 4 groups of 44 high-power and high-brightness LED strobes;

  3) Life: ≥100,000 hours;

  4) Sight distance of warning lights: ≥1000 meters;

Alarm parameters: 1)Input voltage: DC12V;  2) Current: 8.5A;

  3)Speaker power: 30W * 1 group;

LED module technical parameters:Module size (mm): 640*1280; pixel pitch (mm): 10mm;

 Pixel density (dots/square meter): 1000; pixel composition: 1R;

 Module resolution: 32*16; power (W/m²): 700;

 Average power (W/square meter): 200-300 Brightness (cd/square meter): ≥3500;

 Refresh frequency: 480HZ; IP protection level: IP65;

 Viewing angle: horizontal viewing angle 90-130°, elevation angle 30-45°, depression angle 10-20°;

 Viewing distance of LED display: 300-450 meters;

 The brightness uniformity of the display module: <5%;

 Text input method: U disk computer input control storage content: 200 pieces of information;

 Display effect: move left, move right, move up, static, etc.;

 Remote control function: remotely turn on/off the subtitle screen, switch subtitle information;

 Pixel out of control rate: <1/100000 (industry standard: <1/10000) average trouble-free working time: >10000 hours;

 Service life: >100000 hours;

 Use environment temperature: -10℃~+60℃

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