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  • Name: FBP-BL-SD05D dispels anti-riot shiel
  • NO.: FBP-BL-SD05D
  • Time: 2019-05-15
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FBP-BL-SD05D  dispels anti-riot shield

1. Material: The shield body is aluminum alloy plate, the thickness is greater than 2.0mm;

2. Size: 900mm*500mm(observation window 250mm*110mm);

3. Protective area: rectangular protection area 0.46m2, width 0.51m;

4. Basic functions: ①. Dispel anti-riot shield can display voltage in real time; ②. Dispel riot shield can emit 30KHz sound wave, power is not less than 150dB;

5. Control switch reliability: the power switch K can work normally after being recycled for 1000 times alone;

6. Continuous working time: ≥4 hours under acoustic function;

7. Battery protection performance: when the anti-riot shield is overcharged or overdischarged, it can automatically turn off the power or stop charging;

8. Connection strength of gripper: the connection between gripper and shield body can withstand 500N tension, without breaking, loosening or falling off;

9. Arm belt connection strength: can withstand 500N tension, no shedding, loosening, tripping or arm belt fracture phenomenon;

10. Light transmittance: 72.5%

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