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  • Name: XSP-SD01 LED display reflective vest
  • NO.: XSP-SD01
  • Time: 2019-05-11
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XSP-SD01  LED display reflective vest

1. Screen color: full color;

2. Support points: 64*64 full-color dot matrix screen;

3. Program support: text, pictures, animation, etc.;

4. Communication and control method: WIFI; 5. Product size: 27*27cm;

6. Product weight: 180g; 7. Rated working voltage: 5V

8. Power supply mode: mobile treasure USB interface power supply;

9. Installation method: mobile Velcro;

10. Continuous use time: 10000mAh mobile treasure can be used for 6 hours;

11. Material: fluorescent yellow mesh cloth, lattice reflective tape;

12. Mobile treasure performance parameters:

  ①Capacity: 10000mAh;

  ②With lighting function, it can realize the conversion of strong light→low light→burst flash mode;

  ③OUTPUT (output): 1A, 2A dual USB output; INPUT (input): 5V;

  ④INPUT interface: standard MicroUSB;

  ⑤Power indicator: three-level LED display;

  ⑥Specification size: 115mm (length) * 65mm (width) * 23mm (thickness) ± 2mm;

  ⑦Color: police blue;

  ⑧Quality: 250g±5g;

  ⑨Mobile treasure charger output: 5V 2A

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