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  • Name: SDOA-2A-21 Broken window police traffic baton
  • NO.: SDOA-2A-21
  • Time: 2019-05-16
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SDOA-2A-21  Broken window police traffic baton

Working temperature: -20℃— +60℃;

LED three-level display: alarm flashing/constant light/flashlight lighting;

LED operation mode: press once, the LED group alarm flashes; press again, the LED group is always on; press again to illuminate the flashlight; press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off;

Whistle decibel:> 120dB;

Whistle operation mode: press and sound;

Broken window method: spring-loaded front pressure type;

Number of broken windows: more than 5000 times;

Broken window stroke: 13mm;

Weight of broken window: 42 grams;

Material of miniature broken window hammer: hard alloy;

Broken window thickness: 12mm tempered glass;

Window breaker operation: unscrew the tail cover, and press the metal head toward the corner of the car window forcefully;

Installation method of breaker and main body: concealed fixed type;

Charging power supply: 5V1A;

Charging method: special lithium battery charging module constant current trickle charging;

Charging time: <4 hours;

Static working current: <400 (UA);

Power supply: polymer lithium battery;

Battery protection: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit;

Battery capacity 1000 (mAH);

Working time: Alarm flashing time >12 hours;

Protection level: IP65;

Product size: 399mm×φ39mm

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