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  • Name: LZ-D-SD1C Speed bump remote control roadblock
  • NO.: 357
  • Time: 2011-12-16
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LZ-D-SD1C  Speed bump remote control roadblock

1. Structure: The roadblock is a remote control roadblock with an electromechanical integrated structure. It consists of 32 roadblock modules, drive shafts, connection springs, stop nails, battery packs (rechargeable), connection cables, and control systems (control boxes, remote control transmitters). )composition;

2. Function: digital display work, wireless remote control start and close spikes, LZ-D-SD2C with lighting function;

3. Working voltage: DC12V, there are "built-in" and "external" for selection, when the built-in voltage of the control system is too low to alarm, it can be inserted into the 12V cigarette lighter on the car to continue working;

4. Material of stabbing needle: steel nail;

5. The specifications of the stop nail: the outer diameter is 5mm, the inner diameter is 3mm, and the total length is 39.6mm;

6. Weight (including box): 24.7 kg (6 meters);

7. Number of needles: 216;

8. The roadblock is easy to unfold, close and operate, and its components are coordinated with each other and the action is accurate; electromechanical compound roadblock: the unfolding time is not more than 5min, and the closing time is not more than 5min;

9. Effective length of needle: 25.3mm;

10. Effective distance between felting needles: 40mm;

11. The lancet will not fall off under 30N tension in the axial direction, and fall off immediately when 100N tension is applied;

12. Effective interception time: After the car's wheels pass the road barrier, the time for the tires to lose inflation pressure is 48.31s;

13. Environmental adaptability: -40℃~55℃

14. Carrying weight: 20 tons;

15. Remote control distance: 40 meters (open area);

16. Effective interception distance: 6-15m;

17. The thickness of the punctured tire: ≤35mm;

18. Alarm sound level: >120dB (LZ-D-SD2C only has this function);

19. Lighting: >80 lumens (LZ-D-SD2C only has this function)

20. Charging voltage: 220V50Hz;

21. Outer packaging: special aluminum case;

22. Outer packaging size: 63*29*66 (cm) (length * width * height) (including wheel height).

Executive standard: "GA/T421-2003 Puncture and Deflation Barricade"

Inspection No.: Public Police Inspection (Commission) No. 1150212

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