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  • Name: Y-004 (YH SD18B) Multifunctional belt
  • NO.: Y-004 (YH SD18B)
  • Time: 2019-05-10
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Y-004 (YH SD18B)  Multifunctional belt

tructure composition: main waist belt, inner belt, diagonal lanyard and equipment cover, including police tool pouch, police baton pouch, flashlight pouch, pepper spray pouch, handcuff pouch, interphone pouch, police kettle pouch(optional) , Magazine pouch (optional), pistol pouch (optional)

Material: high-strength nylon webbing

Colour: Black

Specifications: XL, L, M, S, SS

Quality: ≤1.2㎏

Tensile performance: oblique hanging belt buckle ≥ 500N; opening suture of the harness cover ≥ 350N; belt brazing ≥ 750N; police baton cover ≥ 900N; tear gas sprayer cover truncheon cover ≥ 900N

Formaldehyde content: ≤300mg/kg

Executive standard: "GA 890-2018 Public Security Single Police Equipment Multifunctional Belt"

Inspection No.: Public Shanghai Inspection 1990254

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