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  • Name: FBP-TL-SD02 QJK1000 strengthen Czech shield
  • NO.: FBP-TL-SD02-QJK1000
  • Time: 2019-05-07
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 FBP-TL-SD02 QJK1000   strengthen Czech shield

Material: PC plate

Product specification: 590*1050*3mm

Weight: 3.8 kg

Light transmittance: ≥ 80%

Structure: circular arc design on both sides, the same shield can be used in combination of horizontal splicing, effectively hinder the attack of dangerous objects

Strength of connection between handle and buffer plate: >500N;

Strength of connection between arm card and buffer plate: >500N;

Impact strength: 147J kinetic energy impact meets the standard

Puncture resistance: GA68-2003 standard test tool 20J kinetic energy puncture meet the standard

Temperature adaptability: -20℃ -- +55℃

Flame resistance: after leaving the open fire, the continued burning time at the lit place shall not exceed 5S

Inspection standard: GA422-2008 "Riot Shield"

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