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  • Name: FBP-TL-SD02 JK1000 Czech shield
  • NO.: FBP-TL-SD02-JK1000
  • Time: 2019-05-07
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FBP-TL-SD02 JK1000   Czech shield

Material: PC plate

Product specification: 570*1000*3mm

Weight: 3.7 kg

Light transmittance: ≥ 80%

Structure: two sides of the folding design, can effectively block the attack of dangerous objects from multiple angles, with hanging rubber bayonet.

Strength of connection between handle and buffer plate: >500N;

Strength of connection between arm card and buffer plate: >500N;

Impact strength: 147J kinetic energy impact meets the standard;

Puncture resistance: GA68-2003 standard test tool 20J kinetic energy puncture meet the standard;

Temperature adaptability: -20℃ -- +55℃;

Flame resistance: after leaving the open fire, the continued burning time at the lit place shall not exceed 5S;

Inspection standard: GA422-2008 "Riot Shield"

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