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  • Name: SDRC-2R reflective tactical vest
  • NO.: SDRC-2R
  • Time: 2019-05-07
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SDRC-2R  reflective tactical vest

Structure: Waistcoat vest style, placket zipper closure, walkie-talkie, law enforcement record hanging loop and police badge, siren and "POLICE" reflective characters are glued through burrs on the upper part of the chest. There are glass microbead reflective belts on the chest, back and hem. The shoulders and waist are adjusted by burrs and three-step buckles. The hem is sewn with flashlights, handcuffs, telescopic sticks, work bags and other single police equipment pockets. The waist is adjusted and locked with burrs and buckles. Stabbing and bulletproof layers can be placed on the inner interlayer of the front chest and back.

Material: Mesh cloth

Color: fluorescent yellow, black

Reflective material: glass microbead reflective cloth, PV reflective film

Bursting strength of mesh cloth: ≥400N

Size: large, medium, small

Bulletproof and stab-proof layer material: high-strength polyethylene fiber/ceramic/steel plate

Bullet-proof and stab-proof protection level: 1~2, (also can be customized according to user needs)

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