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  • Name: DOA-2A-17 Multifunctional warning stick
  • NO.: SD0A-2A-17
  • Time: 2019-05-07
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DOA-2A-17  Multifunctional warning stick

Product Overview: Integrating the functions of megaphone, strong light flashlight, baton, siren, flashing warning stack, music player, recorder and other products, it has achieved a good effect of portability and ease of use, and has been used by public security police and other industries. Favored by the audience.


Size: Bright flashlight size: length 160mm, barrel diameter 25mm, tube head diameter 43mm; flashing stick size: length 185mm, tube head diameter 32mm and 23mm; loudspeaker cover size: length 53mm, tube head diameter 80mm and 42mm;

The charger is a universal charger with output 5V/1A and input 220V/50Hz

Loudspeaker: adopts 3.5W3 ohm power, and the loudspeaker amplification ratio is 1.2 times

Lighting: The lighting adopts advanced LED light source with a service life of more than 100,000 hours

Battery: Use 3.7V 18650 lithium battery. After fully charged, it can be used for 2.5-3 hours in strong light mode, 10 hours in low light mode, 12 hours in burst flash mode, and 8-15 hours of music playback (depending on the volume)

Recording time: 2 minutes

Support TF card capacity: can support below 32G

Audio support format: support MPS, WMA, WAV format

Key words : Traffic baton