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  • Name: JYZ-SD9 Manual Demolition Tool Set
  • NO.: JYZ-SD9
  • Time: 2018-01-20
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JYZ-SD9  Manual Demolition Tool Set

This product is composed of a telescopic impact arm, a wide chisel, a narrow chisel, a sharp chisel, a leather picker, a lock nail puller, a cross head, a fire waist axe, and a post

1. Retracted length: 755mm Stretched length: 1255mm Retracted arm stroke: 500mm

2. The wide chisel is 480mm long and weighs 1.7kg.

3.The pointed chisel is 400mm long and weighs 1.3kg.

4. Length of broken lock nail puller: 155mm, weight 0.6kg

5. Leather prying device length: 150mm, weight 0.45kg.

6. Cross head shape: 110X110mm, weight: 0.55kg

Packing box size: 830×320×120mm

Weight: 17.0kg

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