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  • Name: SDRC-1Z reflective vest (new public security standard)
  • NO.: SDRC-1Z
  • Time: 2017-12-15
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SDRC-1Z  reflective vest (new public security standard)

1. Structural style: The reflective vest is a front cardigan waistcoat style. The cardigan is closed with a zipper. There are three horizontal reflective strips on the front and back. The reflective strips on the chest and back are printed with "POLICE" and "POLICE 察" respectively. ; The front and the chest are decorated with intercom loops, chest badges, and alarm buckles respectively; the two sides are connected by four snaps, which can adjust the fatness and thinness according to different waist circumferences; the two shoulders are connected by buckles, and the length can be adjusted according to different heights;

2. Size: 165~185cm;

3. Color: the fluorescent material of the reflective vest, the intercom loop, the buckle and the zipper are fluorescent yellow; the color of the reflective vest is white/silver gray, the color of the reflective rib is silver gray, the text color is navy blue; the color of the button is silver white .

Executive Standard: "Police Uniform 2014 Reflective Vest (Production Inspection Draft)"

Detection Number: Public Police Inspection No. 1665235

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