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  • Name: FCBX-SD01A stab-proof reflective vest with light
  • NO.: FCBX-SD01A
  • Time: 2017-12-15
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FCBX-SD01A  stab-proof reflective vest with light

1. Structure: vest type, placket zipper, front left and right police badges, horn burr stickers, 2 hem pockets, 2 reflective modules on the waist and back shoulders, burrs on the front and back of the hem to adjust the fatness, both front and rear Three-way reflective tape, the peripheral glass emblem reflective cloth edge strips, the front and back pieces of the stab-proof layer can be detached.

2. Quality: 1.85kg;

3. Color: fluorescent yellow;

4. Number of reflective modules: 4;

5. Reflective module working module: red and green slow flashing-medium flashing-fast flashing;

6. Material of anti-stab layer: PE anti-stab non-woven fabric;

7. Protection area: >0.3;

8. Flash continuous working time: >4h;

9. Working power supply: 800mAh lithium battery;

10. Specifications: large, medium and small size;

11. Reflective tape: lattice reflective material, number of retroreflective angles;

12. Reflective edge strips: reflective cloth for glass emblems

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