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  • Name: BFBP-SD03 multifunctional arm shield
  • NO.: BFBP-SD03
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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BFBP-SD03   multifunctional arm shield

In order to improve the self-protection ability and counterattack ability of law enforcement personnel, our company specially developed a unique attack and defense both shields, the product has small volume, resisting, anti knifed, broken glass, can take the initiative to attack, quickly won the knife;

technical parameter

Shield material: aluminum alloy with high strength and high toughness;

But a mention: high strength steel, can prevent the knife stuck and tool;

Size: 380 x 160 x 80mm;

Weight: 0.45kg/ only

BFBP-SD01E multifunctional arm type riot shields

Material: aluminum alloy one-time forming;

Function mode: strong light, weak light, explosion flash; with broken steel head;

Size: 70 x 30 ± 1cm; thickness: 2.5mm; protection area: 0.2 square meters; Weight: 1.75kg;

Grip strength: 500N, in accordance with "GA422-2008 riot shield";

Impact resistance: 147J kinetic energy impact, consistent with "GA422-2008 riot shield";

Puncture resistance: 147J kinetic energy impact, accord with "GA422-2008 riot shield";

Impact resistance: 342J + 13J kinetic impact, consistent with "GA422-2008 riot shield"

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