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  • Name: DPD-SD1 shield lamp
  • NO.: DPD-SD1
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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DPD-SD1 shield lamp

Anti terrorist action design for special police and armed police. The shield can then be manipulated by pressing the rat tail switch. The body of the lamp is made of polycarbonate lens and the shell of aviation aluminum 6061T-6. Durable and tested, it can withstand 6 bullet designs. In addition, 18 inch wire power cord, anti knife cutting.  For truly safe and reliable. Suitable for all shields, and can be firmly bonded to the shield by 3M industrial velcro. No holes or holes on the shield, easy to use and disassemble;

Stroboscopic mode for FoxFury patents, for the flickering flicker frequency, it is difficult to adapt to the human eye, to achieve the best anti-terrorism effect. Mouse tail switch button, a single button can achieve a variety of operating modes (lighting, strobe, and constant light), one hand can operate. In addition, the battery box also has "brake switch", and when not needed, the switch button can be locked to avoid misoperation and start;

Fire resistance, fall resistance, waterproof (6 meters), light weight, high brightness;


Model: DPD-SD1

Weight: 539g (including battery weight)

Battery: 6 CR123A batteries:

Working time: 4-6h (top grade);

Size: 14 x 4.8 x 1.8cm;

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