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  • Name: SBQS-SD02 mobile audio driver
  • NO.: SBQS-SD02
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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SBQS-SD02 mobile audio driver

The portable sound driver can be used to disperse or warn the target or crowd far away from the outside by using strong sound and strong light under the condition of non-contact and non killing. This product can take the initiative to release a strong noise and glare glare, make it difficult to protect in the absence of protective measures to stay at the front, and will not cause permanent damage to the human body, is to deal with mass incidents, effectively disperse equipment illegal vessels; incidental acquisition of video display function, can be observed in the field with real-time forensics; mobile power base, law enforcement officers convenient outdoor work.

Product features:

Human nature law enforcement, in the form of non contact, non killing, actively disperse or alert the meeting crowd, to avoid the intensification of contradictions.

Ultra high intensity, can effectively disperse 0-200 meters, the maximum distance can reach 1000 meters warning.

Ultra high intensity, can effectively disperse 0-50 meters, the maximum distance can reach 200 meters warning.

Highly directional, can effectively lock the target area.

Persuasion warning, integrated propaganda function and preset warning audio playback function.

Ultra long distance observation, 360 times zoom camera, can effectively observe the distance of 0-200 meters, effective detection distance of 0-1000 meters.

Portable, easy to use, equipped with portable mobile platforms and power supply, to achieve rapid movement and rapid deployment.

Equipment weight: 36kg (no attachments);

Body dimensions: 870 x 830 x 180mm;

Frequency range: 500 ~ 5000Hz;

Working temperature: -30 ~ ±60 centigrade;

Relative humidity: 0 - 95%;

Maximum volume: high power state: 152dB@1Meter; normal state: 120dB@1Meter;

Operating position volume: the maximum volume is lower than the front area 40dB;

Acoustic range: 1km; no less than 100dB@100Meter;

Beam width: 15 @2000Hz;

Volume attenuation: less than 1.9%THD@2000Hz;

Audio input: SD memory card and special calling device;

Light action distance: 200m; 55Klux@1Meter;

Beam width: ± 15;

Video display: 7 inch Widescreen TFT;

Video magnification: 36 x 10;

Total power consumption: 800W (peak power dissipation: 1200W);

Portable power supply capacity: 2 ~ 4h;

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