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  • Name: SBQS-SD01 sound wave breaker
  • NO.: SBQS-SD01
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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SBQS-SD01 sound wave breaker

SBQS-SD01 portable sound engine consists of a basic db100 sound engine monomer and a MP3 level controller, built-in lithium battery 2 special group (7800mA/12V*2), a dedicated power adapter (dedicated wireless microphone options) and wired microphone function and a variety of installation way, need to meet a variety of places.

Frequency response (-10dB): 300Hz-5kHz;

Maximum sound pressure level 130dB (PEAK, 1M)

Point (1kHz) level 80 degrees 50 degrees vertical

Microphone transmission gain (± 3dB) 80dB

Speech transmission index (SPI-PA) is more than 1000 meters 0.6

Syllable articulation is not less than 1000 meters 0.6

Speech intelligibility is not less than 1000 meters 85%

Charge time (hours) 2-4 (full)

The maximum duration of sound amplification is 8 hours

Rated power 70W

Static power consumption current (MA) 650mA

The power consumption of current (rated) 8100mA

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