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  • Name: FBP-BL-SD04D sound scattering shield
  • NO.: FBP-BL-SD04D
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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FBP-BL-SD04D sound scattering shield

The acoustic wave dispersion shield integrates the directional high energy sound wave generating device in the traditional shield, which is a kind of intelligent active defense shield to disperse the gathering crowd under the condition of non-contact and non killing. This shield can be effective in protecting people and can take the initiative to attack, releasing a strong noise, make it difficult to protect in the absence of protective measures to stay at the front of the shield, in the crowd of illegal assembly or riots and other events, the product will provide an invisible high-energy sound wall protection for law enforcement personnel, and effectively control the crowd dispersed, illegal.

Product features:

Integration of attack and defense, combined with the ability to dissipate sound waves, and the defense capability of the shield.

Human nature law enforcement, in the form of non contact, non killing, actively disperse or alert the meeting crowd, to avoid the intensification of contradictions.

Ultra high intensity, single shield can effectively disperse within 0-50 meters of the target, the maximum warning distance up to 200 meters.

The sound wall effect and the combination of multi face shields form the invisible defensive sound wall effect, and the dispersion effect is more obvious.

02 lightweight design, the main body adopts aluminum structure integrated ultra-thin noise generation module, the total weight of the shield is only about 5 kilograms. 03 type is light and durable, the main body adopts carbon fiber structure, fighting ability is strong, the total weight is less than 6 kg.

Type 03 has persuasive warning, integrated voice warning function and preset warning audio playback function.

Product size:

Type 02 length: 900mm (± 20mm), width 450mm (± 20mm), thickness 100mm (± 20mm)

Type 03 height: 900 (± 20mm), width 460 (± 20mm), thickness 130 (± 20mm)

Sound intensity: type 02: 136 dB / M; type 03: 142 dB / m;

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