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  • Name: FBP-BL-SD05C individual police riot shield
  • NO.: FBP-BL-SD05C
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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FBP-BL-SD05C  individual police riot shield

The single police riot device consists of shield, LED illuminator, cone defense stab and four tube anti riot bomb launcher. It is a new type of riot equipment, which integrates fight attack, block attack, video forensics, day and night glare and disperse shock and awe.

Main functions and advantages

1. high strength shield protection against attack. The shield has good hardness and toughness. Special processing technology was adopted to increase its strength. It has a strong ability to resist attack.

2. shield surface after treatment, the first is the shield surface oxidation resistance, second make shield mask has good reflection degree. Reflecting sunlight during the day can dazzle the enemy. The LED illuminator can be used in turn to achieve dazzling glare and lighting at night.

3. cone defense spines can prevent the zero distance contact of the riot crowd, and also prevent the criminals from attacking in close range.

4. riot launchers launched non lethal anti riot bombs in a short distance to disperse the crowd and deter criminals. The shield changed from the past, and the shield was only passively beaten, so that both offensive and defensive and defensive attack were achieved. It provides comprehensive security protection for law enforcement personnel.

5. video forensics can record insurgents' crimes. It provides strong support for future arrest and prosecution.

Technical performance

High: 900 mm wide, 500 mm, thickness: 2.5 mm, weight: 2.8 kg;

Thorn length: long thorn 3 centimeters, short thorn 1.5 centimeters;

Lighting distance: 50 meters, dazzling distance: 30 meters;

The caliber of the launch tube is 18 mm, and the projectile (special): tear gas, flare and smoke bomb;

Range: 30 meters, the function area: less than 30 square meters;

Battery capacity is 2400 ma. Full use of electricity for 2 hours.

Video evidence of parameters for a number of frames: 60 continuous recording time: 1-1.5 hours

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