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  • Name: SD-400 long range directional strong sound crowd dispersing device
  • NO.: SD-400
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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SD-400 long range directional strong sound crowd dispersing device

It is widely used in public security, army, field command, on-site meetings, disperse riot crowd, traffic control, crowd guidance, key target defense, border and coastal defense, disaster relief, prison management and other places.

Performance characteristics:

Long distance high definition directional propaganda, super loud and strong, can be used for specific purposes; portable, easy to install, can be deployed anywhere quickly; single operation, product safety area behind; can work in any weather environment.

Technical parameter:

Transmitter: harmonic distortion is less than 2.2%THD@2Kz; the maximum sound pressure level: 145dBHz; frequency: 300-10KHz; standard scale beam angle: +/-10@2KHz; maximum power consumption: 100W; operation mode: wireless handle within 30 meters of various sound selection with propaganda; propaganda: wireless handle, wired microphone, wireless microphone three way of propaganda; propaganda wireless distance: 100 meters (open) propaganda; storage: U disk (hot swappable, copy); play modes: single cycle, 6 tracks options; input power: battery with 11-15VDC or 20Ah car; charging time: less than 6h; the continuous working time: more than 1h; the emitter size: length * width * thick (52 x 34 x 17.5cm); distance: 60 meters away, 400 meters of communication transmitter; weight: 15.8kg.

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