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  • Name: SD-1000A long range directional strong sound crowd dispersing device
  • NO.: SD-1000A
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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SD-1000A long range directional strong sound crowd dispersing device

This equipment is composed of an ultra high power loudspeaker evolved to disperse the crowd by launching super sonic, non lethal weapons is a new concept, unlike ordinary horn as a fan shaped sound, resulting in sound intensity decreased rapidly with distance, which is like a searchlight as the sound spotlight, to long distance transmission in one direction, and can maintain adequate voice within effective distance, which can realize remote propaganda, warning and deterrent function.

Main technical parameters:

Transmitter harmonic distortion: less than 2.2%THD@2Kz; maximum sound pressure level: 160 DB @1 meters; frequency response: 300-10KHz; low mode maximum sound pressure level: 120 dB @1 meters; scale sound beam angle: +/-10@2KHz; power consumption: maximum 500W;

Operation mode: wireless handle within 30 meters of various sound selection with propaganda; propaganda: wireless handle, wired microphone, wireless microphone three way of propaganda; propaganda propaganda wireless distance: 100 meters (open); storage: U disk (hot swappable, copy); play modes: single cycle, 6 alternative tracks; input power: 100-240VAC; 50/60Hz; the emitter size: diameter 100 * 15.5cm thickness; transmitter weight: 50Kg (metal); distance: 100 meters away, 1000 meters with wireless communication; propaganda, USB audio input, sound clear and bright. Product features: sound continuity, sound wave angle is small, the scope of control; small size, light weight, simple operation; waterproof packaging, suitable for a variety of bad weather; can be connected to the car power supply.

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