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The Cuban government merchants visit SHUNDA for procurement and long-term cooperation

Number of visits: Date:2016-04-11

      On November 4, 2015, the Cuban government merchants visited SHUNDA for procurement, and seek for a long-term cooperation between Cuba and China. They were very welcomed and accompanied by the CEO Cuijing Zhang and the International Trade Manager Silvia Lu.

      The purpose of this trip is to conduct a field study of anti-riot helmet and anti-riot shield. They firstly visited our company product showroom and producing department. They have carried on a comprehensive understanding on all aspects of the factory including production capacity, technology research and development, and all company Honor and Certificates. They were impressed by our powerful productivity and substantial product research and development team. They told us that SHUNDA has been very well known in the overseas police and military products sales market, relying on the strong manufacturing strength and excellent product quality. Subsequently, we agreed on the purchasing and cooperation details; Cuban government merchants signed on the anti-riot helmet and anti-riot shield contract on the spot.  

      Recently, SHUNDA follows the principles of “base on the world, look around the world, energetically develops international trade E-commerce, exports to more than 138 countries and regions in the world, earned around 480 thousands customers, builds diversification development market pattern in the global, becomes one of the best in the cross-border e-commerce trade for police and military industry. SHUNDA has won high reputation from provincial public security department and the ministry of public security. In the future, SHUNDA will actively expand global development strategy; strives to lead the world in the development of all aspects. You are welcomed!

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