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The large police camps open day experience Jingyongzhuangbei people hooked

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Guangzhou-Foshan Urban Network Pearl River Times (Reporter / Yanghan Kun correspondent / Li Yanfei) SWAT technical and tactical exercises, gets her "Wu madman" Police Equipment Exhibition, ...... Yesterday morning, Chancheng Branch of Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau held in the Oriental Plaza " decades accompanied by guardian of peace, "large-scale police camps open day attracted a large number of people to come forward to" crowd "experience, at close range with the public" intimate contact ".
9:00 yesterday 6:30 Xu, although there are nearly half an hour from the start time, but the active site is full of people, many people came early. Weekend just rest, heard yesterday that this 'being a police open day' activities, today rushed to the scene with his son! "Mr. Liu, who lives in Chancheng District, Pu Chun Metro with son in elementary school in firearms, he laughed and told reporters.
The most popular of Police Equipment Exhibition
Reporters on the scene, the four areas of the site is divided into center stage area, a photo exhibition equipment exhibition area, consulting and service area. Which set of 22 panels in the photo exhibition, an exhibition of nearly 100 photographs, vivid interpretation of the glorious journey through 10 years of Chancheng Public Security, to attract a lot of people gathered to watch.
10 am, accompanied by ten years guardian of peace "being a police open day activities officially started. In the center stage, not only a wonderful song and dance performances, as well as special police boxing program, The Moderator also invited the police handling the case and the victim came to power, tells the story they solve the case.
The Police Equipment show has always been the most popular, for these are usually extremely difficult to come into contact with all kinds of police vehicles, firearms, passing members of the public have come to visit and experience. Chancheng Public Security also on-site erection desk, on-site business consultation of the masses, the public security is still distributed anti-theft robbery safety manual.
"The equipment is very good, like this activity should engage, not necessarily a large scale, can enter the community to engage in small-scale." The famous Foshan volunteers Chen said, in recent years, Chancheng law and order do a lot better by such activities, public security system to introduce their work, so that we feel a sense of security.
Next two days, two activities
According to the Chancheng District Vice Mayor, the public security sub-Secretary Li Jianxiong, 10 years, Chancheng all police officers were arrested dealt with more than 88,000 criminals who destroyed more than 6400 of the various types of criminal gangs, destroyed the domestic rare, the province The largest illicit production of air gun pellets underground factories, the detection of the country's largest selling fake coin case, as well as the amount of money involved in the province's largest telecommunications series fraud and other types of criminal cases with more than 65,000 cases, more than 500 million yuan to restore economic losses for the masses, hundreds of law and order "black spots" to be radical, the daily effective criminal, law and order police intelligence from the original 250, sharply down to less than 100 a day.
Organize such activities is to strengthen communication with the public, let the public know more about the public security work, support of public security work. "Li Jianxiong said, Chancheng POLICE have confidence and ability to provide a safe and orderly living environment. It is reported that on March 11 to 12, two days, Chancheng Public Security will also carry out "into the Chancheng jiangwan police station police camps open day activities, two activities post, patrol police camps open day and meet you" .
Yesterday, the most popular Police Equipment Exhibition attracted many people to observe and experience. Various police with guns to attract the attention of the public, in accordance with the demonstration of the police have picked up the pistol shooting posing public hooked.
For live show Jingyongzhuangbei, the most fun way to children, drilling drilled in the police car, climbed up and down, tireless. Which most attract children is "Lingyun airborne vehicles, squeezed into the seven or eight children, parents stop using a mobile phone camera pictures to the children.
In addition to police vehicles, firearms, walkie-talkies, alcohol detector, bullet-proof vests, explosion-proof clothing display table commonly used police equipment, police go through its features and demonstrate the use of methods. Among them, a dark green on the ground "clothes to attract the eyes of Mr. Gui. According to police reports, "clothes" EOD suits, both before and after the steel body care, up to 70 kilos, the only helmet weighs 10 kilos. "So heavy wear on the body is not easy, not to mention also to the scene EOD, police work and really easy! Said Mr. Gui admiration.

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