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Hytera exhibitors Hainan Police Equipment Exhibition

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Sponsored by the Hainan Provincial Public Security Department, the second session of the China (Hainan) International Public Security Products & Police Equipment Exhibition held before the show attracted nearly hundred exhibitors. As current exhibitors, the largest professional wireless communications companies, Hytera portable the PDT digital products and solutions to participate in the show, causing widespread concern. Hainan Provincial Public Security Border Defense Corps leaders to come to Hytera booth guidance.
During the exhibition, Hytera to show clients PDT standard trunking communication system, emergency communications systems and other wireless communications solutions related to public security business, and gave details of the Hytera PDT digital products and solutions in China's public security industry application cases. As the first, the fastest, the first launch of digital products and structures PDT experimental network enterprise, the Hytera independent research and development of PDT products in the public security industry has made many successful applications. Bayannur Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau, in northern Xinjiang region PDT trunking communication system project construction, the visitors the leadership with the public security front-line police officers showing network security professionals by introducing Hytera communication digitized trends.
Currently, Hytera is the only global enterprises made ​​a number of successful commercial applications in the PDT digital communication field, of PDT products and police combat application integration application has a wealth of experience, which will become us to better serve the public security digital communication network construction the unique advantage. Hytera will continue to play their own advantages to promote PDT communications standards and related business development in the industry, and actively guide and participate in the construction work of PDT in the public security wireless digital communications network, and make due contributions for the public security wireless communication digitized .

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