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2013, Wuhan Public Security Products & Police Equipment Exhibition carry out the

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Wuhan, People's Daily, March 12, 2013 China (Wuhan) Public Safety Products & Police Equipment Exhibition (Security Exhibition) carried out in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Centre. 287 exhibitors from across the country were set up 631 booths, display a variety of security equipment and police equipment, which accounted for 65% of special equipment exhibition.
In this exhibition, Hikvision, Dahua, Albert world and many other well-known brands have brought their own state-of-the-art products, which have a more substantial increase in the number of local exhibitors than in previous years, accounting for 35% of all participating brands. Showcasing the technology-leading security products and industry solutions, in addition to prominent intelligent, high-definition, big fuss around the "smart city" construction exhibits cover all aspects of the front end, in the end, back-end demand.
It is reported that the exhibition period, from 12 to 14 days, Exhibition Forum will be held in the same period. Then, the functional departments of the provincial government and the Provincial Public Security Bureau leaders, representatives of the public security system in cities and states, and many well-known works business owners will participate in the Forum, to discuss the province's video system construction in the smart city, through the display and demonstration of products and technologies, to provide practical solutions to build a smart city.
According to reports, the current security exhibition approved by the Public Security Bureau in Hubei Province, Hubei Province Public Security Science and Technology sponsored by the Institute the Hubei Manzawa Exhibition Services Ltd..

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