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Heihe in Heilongjiang mining 400 million Police Equipment

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Recently, the Municipal Government Procurement Center of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province by public bidding, the successful organization of the city's public security police equipment procurement. Project budget of 4,664,400 yuan, the actual bid price of 4.127 million yuan, 537,400 yuan financial savings, the savings rate was 11.5%.
Heihe Municipal Government Procurement Center attaches great importance to the tender, after receiving the task seriously organize, careful implementation of the deployment of specific procurement program. Procurement requests in the shortest possible time, to determine the winning suppliers and sign contracts, in order to tender work carried out smoothly, the center conscientiously combined with the requirements of the procurement unit, the staff work overtime, elaborate public tender documents, so that the clarity of tender documents detailed tendering procedures, personnel division, and before the opening of the detailed planning and meticulous arrangements.
In order to ensure that the public tender open, fair, impartial, and the entire process is transparent, Heihe Municipal Government Procurement Center also invited financial representatives of the discipline inspection departments supervise the whole process of Bid Opening, Evaluation, review the whole process of video surveillance, and in the government procurement website publicity tender results.
Tender announcement in a timely manner and in a wider range, the project has attracted a number of domestic enterprises to participate in the competition. Under the full supervision of the relevant departments of the evaluation committee of each bidder's eligibility criteria, technical standards and business standard fair and impartial assessment, and adhere to the principle of "value for money" on the basis of refinement, including cross-duration, maintenance commitments, results of similar projects, such as the technical part of the judging criteria. After a comprehensive review, the bid evaluation committee agreed to determine the winning bidder, Wuxi City, a police equipment for pre-tender meeting to a successful end.

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