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Milestones in 2010
Publisher: Jiangsu Shunda Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Management System Wu Haiyan Time:2011-4-12 Click 274
1.2010 in January 2nd through the media companies Assistance Xuyi girl suffering from leukemia Sunmeng Ling, causing social repercussions, Yangzi Evening News and a number of newspapers have reported.
2.2010 January 28, chairman of Mr. Lu Baoxing was awarded the honorary title of provincial middle-aged experts.
3.2010 March 12, the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department to visit our company and the company for the future development of important instructions.
4.2010 5 April the company party branch, Youth League, women's federations, trade union representatives to Jingjiang advanced revolutionary workers held memorial cemetery.
5.2010 04 May General Manager in Miss Zhang Cuijin get 5.1 Labor Medal.
6.2010 in May 10 a group of our contributions to the campus police anti-terrorism equipment for the city to obtain a wide range of social benefits.
7.2010 May 23, the company was 400 employees dispatched to Shanghai Expo.
8.2010 in July 19 in Gansu, a single police department equipment tender in one fell swoop of nearly 200 million, bringing the year's total of 10 tenders a total of nearly 10 million yuan.
9.2010 in August 1st, chairman Mr. Lu Baoxing handwritten "country strong and effective military police everything people everywhere try to be brave and strong" calligraphy works published on Defense Technology Information Center, a modern military magazine's "modern military" magazine.
10.2010 04 September in the company's metal shields, riot helmets through the Ministry of Public Security testing.
11.2010 09 September, the company was for 100 widowed sent rice, edible oil, Double Ninth cakes, milk and other gifts, attracted wide acclaim.
12.2010 in September 23 Ministry of Public Security Directorate in the province, Taizhou city, accompanied by the leadership of the company inspections, Shunda has placed a high degree of product innovation company expectations.
13.2010 01 October in all the staff at the National Day get-together to celebrate the motherland more prosperous.
14.2010 in Bulgaria, October 25, a line of 8 to the Police Department's investigation, and signed on the spot orders worth 480,000 dollars.
15.2010 in December 6, the company exports to Paraguay, police equipment, marking the company products have occupied the South American market.
16.2010 in December 14, general manager of the provincial banks and enterprises to participate in Miss Zhang Cuijin Association, Shunda was named Class 5A corporate integrity.