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In 2011 the company memorabilia
Publisher: Jiangsu Shunda police equipment manufacturing limited company website management system Haiyan Wu Time:2012-1-19 Click 274
In January 28, 2011, the company held a year-end summary and commendation meeting and held the second session of wintersweet cup spring festival gala. < br / >In February 18, 2011, the company invites new highly renowned trainer Yao Mei on my company all cadres training, greatly improving the company's management team spirit, sense of responsibility and ability to work.. < br / >In March 5, 2011, the company organized young volunteers 6 to care can help clean the room finishing 5 to visit the local clothing, two families of the martyrs, 10 to Gushan Scenic Area cleaning and promotional duties.. < br / >In March 22, 2011, the company won the &ldquo quality standards enterprise; ” title, by the city of quality supervision and Management Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, security association organization concentrated undertook commending. In March 25, 2011, in order to enhance employee safety awareness, improve the security guard, the company held second “ harmonious Shunda Security &rdquo — words; speech contest.. < br / >In 2010 04 month 05 days, company general Party branch committee of trade unions, women's federations, the representatives of the staff and workers, advanced in Jingjiang Revolutionary Cemetery hold memorial.. < br / >In April 12, 2011, the company's entire staff is divided into five batches to Hainan Sanya tourism.. < br / >May 16, 2011, the Ministry of public security. Finance office leading party 3 people in the hall, bureau leader accompany below to visit my company and the company's future development made important instructions..
June 14, 2011, company employees to participate in blood donation activities.. < br / >On June 16, 2011, chairman of Mr. Lu Baoxing visited home three households living in households with gifts.. < br / >In August 1, 2011, the enterprise was hired in the Ministry of public security police standardization committee member communications unit, general manager Zhang Cuijin was hired in the Ministry of public security police commission member communications company in September September 10, 2011, the birthday of 32 employees in collective collective birthday, birthday celebration of the fifteen anniversary of the founding of the company form. On October 20, 2011, chairman of Mr. Lu Baoxing calligraphy" Chinese dragon" in the calligraphy competition wins the gold medal, awarded China famous calligrapher Mr. Lu Baoxing Title November 11, 2011, Korea Busan Security Bureau purchasing department main agricultural Sheng floating (sound), visits to Division I and signed the purchase contract. I marked products to formally open the South Korean market in November 23, 2011, brand Jingyongzhuangbei series of products by the Chinese famous brand “ ” title. In December 19, 2011, the organization of advanced management cadre in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand on the ten day of sightseeing tours, study tours.