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Sweat defying bitter fighting heat output doubled liking compliance out competition results
Posted by: Shi Jun Time:2011-8-16 Click 277
    Into 11 years, Jiangsu Shunda staff development objective in mind, insist the beginning of the target, closely around the beginning of the company's second venture called, the spirit of cohesion, motivation to fight, work hard. Lee's three indicators in this year's sales over the same period, growth rate of 30% or more, especially in the June, domestic sales, international trade, international procurement tender to do seize, bidding opportunities, the momentum, on winning a number large orders, to ensure that plans under the foot, officers on foot, enough to open the machine, spare task.
    Not long ago, the company has received from the Ministry of Foreign Trade of 4860 sets of riot service orders, seizure orders for a short time, heavy, high quality requirements, sewing workshop 116 employees are not afraid of pain, but not to tired, consciously obey the overall situation, continuous overtime, and finally Shanghai's foreign trade of goods into the warehouse on schedule, has been highly appreciated by our customers! It is reported that the company is preparing the second batch of orders to negotiate. (The picture shows the designated foreign inspection Founder seized goods out of the box in the field)