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Quality in concerted efforts, "Shunda" brand Jin-bit upgrade
Publisher: Jiangsu Shunda Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Management System Time:2011-9-15 Click 177
    Into the 11 years leading the company in 2011 identified as "Shunda Quality Year", a monthly product quality are the core of the main control.
    “Quality "is not an empty word. I remember a Japanese entrepreneur soil light Toshio has said the words, "no ship can not sink, do not close down the enterprise can not, everything depends on human effort. "As a manufacturer of police equipment, production processes, quality control, interlocking, every nuance of link has to be careful and dedicated staff work, a little carelessness can cause accidents. We do not often say "Quality is the quality is enterprise's life" reputation is the key to establish a corporate image.
    Company in order to ensure the quality of clearance, the company proposed to implement the workers self-leadership, quality control personnel on inspection, inspection, sampling, product quality control point of the core parts of the establishment of quality inspection system, and proposed to on a regular basis for quality education for workers . Ensure that genuine products above 96% pass rate, once the factory more than 98% pass rate.
    Currently, the company established a perfect quality management system: the lead by the quality manager to lead the six full-time inspectors and inspectors workshop composed of eight.